sakura DSLR movie [*my_pictures]

In this spring, I got new DSLR camera allow video capture, at last.
it's available Manual video capturing in inexpensive price range.

In the season, you see beautiful Sakura in Japan.
and I tried some capturing test.

#1 Dark Place

In DSLR movie, available in dark place.
But not too sure. I see some noises in the movie.

And I need to care not to jiggle my hand in
such as the macro movie.

#2 Take movie on motor bike

I rode my Ducati bike for the movie capturing. But Ducati is worst bike for that.
The heavy vibration is characteristics of the feeling while riding :-)

I want to ride BMW's with flat-twin boxer engine.
It's powerful engine with low-vibration.

#3 360 degrees capturing

In this movie, I used still image captured my older camera and Wide fish-eye converter.
I want to use new camera with better lens for more resolution and frame in next time.

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