360 degrees Tokyo Illuminations (2010-2011) [*my_pictures]

When viewer watch a picture, they doesn't only see in the picture but over the frame. The clipped picture is spread over the viewer's mind by their imagination.

But there is a person who cannot believe such as the viewer's imagination. He just hope to capture 360 degrees whole around picture in our sight, without clipping. That's me :-)

Few years ago, I tried to take 360 degrees pictures and compiled to a movie. There was no spherical fish-eye lens for APS-sized sensor DSLR at the time, and I used wide lens with fish-eye converter. But it had not enough resolution.

Today, I can use spherical fish-eye lens dedicated DSLR, SIGMA 4.5mm f/2.8 Circular Fisheye. I put up a rig with Anti-vibration mount on my bike, skateboard track...etc. 
And I tried to take the interval pictures of illumination again.


Vibration was remained yet, but it has good resolution by the new lens.

You see London type Double-decker bus in front of Louis Vuitton Roppongi Boutique :-)


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