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Maker Faire New York 360° movie [*my_design&event]

Many geeks keep dream alive to capture/reproduce the everything around of us.
The 1900 Paris Exposition already, there was an multi cinema projector amusement to show around view from a balloon.

About ten years ago, I participated a research project for 360 degrees panorama camera
and interactive immersive content. At the time, 8 cameras was put together
in large 360° camera.
We went to not only Tokyo location but Los Angeles with the camera and 8 recorders,
video mixer, a lot of battery and HDD in 19-inch Rack to make 360° movie content.

Last September, I went to NYC to see Maker Faire NewYork, and I tried to take
360° movie at there.
I had brought huge equipments at ten years ago, but I put small GoPro x4 in my pocket
at last year.
We had captured HD resolution Cylindrical 360° movie by the large camera,
but today, GoPro x4 is capable to take 4k 360° movie.
Vision technology is in dog years, and we spend in dreamland of ten years ago.

Last November, I exhibited the Maker Faire NYC movie at Maker Faire Tokyo :-)
I used SONY HMZ-T2 Head Mount Display and I added acceleration sensor
with arduino on the HMD.
If you want to see right side, turn your face toward right with the HMD.
This HMD have more resolution than Oculus Rift.

Do you take an interest for the 360° movie?
I also made simple web browser player for PC.
You'll see the Maker Faire NYC and Coke & Mentos fountain performance by EepyBird in 360°.
108 bottles Diet Coke was used for the fountain!

Click here and give me a moment to download 30MB movie file :-) ↓ click, click!

Great famous Coke&Mentos Performers

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Fly me to the moon on iPhone 4 [*my_design&event]

I have thought that star watching looks so hard works.
It's required to carry a heavy expensive telescope and
difficult equipments, go on sleepy midnight ways to country side,
and peer over a Planisphere for hours and hours.

But I didn't know that we could do star watching at anyplace,
even if we were in downtown area.
And today, there is good Planisphere Apps for iPhone and iPad
to find stars easily.

Finally, I got a small telescope and put iPhone on it
to take star's pictures.


I used Borg's Pencil Borg(175mm f/7) telescope and Vixen's LV5mm eyepiece.
In the case, 35x telescopic image was shown by the system.
I tried to see the moon to test it.


In general, Such as the high power but small telescope projects darker image.
But iPhone 4's back illuminated sensor is proof a dark picture in such as the darker environment.

And I arrived at the beautiful moon!


I used sharpness filter for the image, but it contain enough resolution
to see the moon's cratered details.

Tomytec - Borg: Pencil Borg 25

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LOMO like pictures by iPhone 4 [*my_design&event]

I tried to make DOF(depth of field) Adapter and put iPhone 4 on it
to defocus background images.

DOF Filter is darker filter and It can't use for a sensitive camera.
But iPhone 4 have backside illumination sensor,
it's very tough for such as the darker conditions.


And I could take LOMO like old cinema image by iPhone 4.


The Movie is here.

Today, We have DSLR Camera Movie and we can get
high quality image with less effort. I couldn't find
any of the reason to use iPhone 4 on DOF Adapter ;-)

I found that iPhone's Retina Display is best Electronic View Finder
to adjust Manual Focus, I have ever seen!
I need manual focus function on iPhone 4.

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Structural 3DCG Animation [*my_design&event]

Fractal graphic evokes a fundamental beauty in a natural shapes.
Basically, simply repeated graphics make beautiful geometry.

Context Free is such as the 2D geometric shapes drawing software.
And in 3DCG, try "Structure Synth".

In 3DCG Animation or 4D world,
Quartz composer is one of the best software, I think.

Quartz composer is development tool in Mac OSX User Interface Programming.
But it's often used for Visual making tool for VJ's.

It's very easy to use. The functions is appear visualy in the window.
And patch each function box to make the graphic flows.
You can make interesting 2D/3D Animations only patch it.

If you want to make more complexity animation,
you can use javascript and OpenGL Shading Language(GLSL).

And the Quartz Composer tool is free for Mac OSX User!
If you have OSX Update Disc, Install the Development tools,
and search it in the "Developer" folder.

I made the demo and tutorial movies.

The below link is for a 4DCG animation by Quartz composer.

But I can't understand enough for The 4D world.
The world is a wide place :)

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Design for Wedding [*my_design&event]

Last month,My friend gave me a chance to make a sign board for their Wedding Reception.

In those cases, It's often used Calligraphy hand writting
or such as the hand made art.

I thought the couple (especially, the groom) had
a well balanced life. And they'll grow up with a lot of the trying.
I used algorithmic generated CG by "Structure Synth" software
to express them.

It's preset data "tree".

Some of the pattern,

and layouted.


Signboard at the Gate

For the entrance,
I putted the wings into acrylic resin box with a lot of the feather.
In my story, the lovely wings was formed by the feathers :-)

Next time, I want to make a funiture with such as the algorithmic generated design.

Structure Synth

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Party tomorrow ! at Lexington Aoyama [*my_design&event]

I showed my chair at Aoyama yet.
And tomorrow, 17th June, is the party day.
Don't miss it :-)

Kuroda-san reported the event,
SOON@Lexington Aoyama part-1. ( Written in Japanese )
Let's see it if you can't come the exhibition.

JDN: SOON@Lexington Aoyama part-1 Report
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soon was started. [*my_design&event]

My next exhibiting is in Filo di Seta MILANO brand shop at Kotto-street, Aoyama.
The exhibition "SOON@Lexington Aoyama " is produced by Sachio Hihara.
It will be continued to January 2009, for 6 months.

The exhibition is separated in 6 parts
and change the exhibitor at each part.
I'm participating the first part started at last week end.

Now I'm showing two chairs, share chair 05 (the first chair) and 06 (large chair).

The party will be at 17 June. Come on!

SOON@Lexington Aoyama Part 1

SOON@Lexington Aoyama Part 1

It's been a pleasure to join with such as famous genius designers:-)

Kenichiro Oomori

Isamu Tokizono

Atsushi Nogimura

Sachio Hihara

Filo di Seta

View Larger Map

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My first GEISAI. [*my_design&event]

Last sunday, I took a exhibition space at GEISAI MUSEUM2.
GEISAI is Japanese Art event produced by Takashi Murakami, Contemporary artist.
It was expected to attract about 10 thousand visitors.

The Event have no audition for the exhibiting.
Any you can join the event, even pay the booth charge.
The feature make it as a asian chaotic atmosphere, not looks like a gallery.

My exhibits was here,

Balloon Screen :
Projected Video image to the inside of the layerd Balloon, by LED Light Video Projector

share chair 07 :
That's same chair at last year's Tokyo Designer's week.
But last sunday, I focused to the Video Screen function
to be felt the experience to sit down at the video image.

Generated Video image at then and there by LEGO brick and small camera.

That was the first time to exhibit such as media oriented works for me.
And the system was not working well. I lost the exhibiting time for the maintenance.
But I could enjoy.

BTW, One of the Event's feature was The audition.
They place exhibitors in the orders by their judgements, and show us our each ranks.
My lank is 240/600. Not bad, but not good...

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This year's Exhibition. [*my_design&event]

I entered GEISAI Art Event, instead of Tokyo Designer's Week interior exhibition.
In This year, I'll not make new chair but I make more media using things.

My first GEISAI was at last sunday. ( sorry, already ended. )
And next Event GEISAI #11 willl be at september,14 .
Don't miss the next!

This is Balloon Screen Test Movie.
I tryed to project the video image behind the Balloon to inside.


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last year's my chair and the transformation [*my_design&event]

I tried to take pictures of the transformation.

This is my chair, last year's share chair 06.

and the movie is here.
I was tired that's very heavy...

Incidentally, the picture is share chair 05 transformation
in the year before last. Let's see the difference.

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my latest chair in the wild. [*my_design&event]

This week, I showed my new transformable chair "share chair"
at Zero Exhibition in Tokyo Designer's Week.
Thank your comming to my demonstration space.

When you use the chair, you share your place and feeling
with your lovely people by the impressive interaction.
That's my concept.

And The new model have light up capable function.
You can put a light, Video projector and home planetarium inside the chair
to project the light to the cover. you can sit down at the light.

In the picture, I put Video projector with fisheye lenz
into the chair to project video images from the inside of the chair.
And I used PS3 to play the video.

That's the transforming Demo. Thank you and Enjoy!

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F1 on the chair [*my_design&event]

Last night, I enjoyed this year's final F1 Gramd Prix.
The ending was dramatic and It's enought
to be satisfied us the coming new generation.

When I was watching TV,
I have tried to project the TV image from the inside of my chair.
The picture is the test.

sprint for this last week and the next is Tokyo Designer's Week!

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This year's my chair's 1st idea [*my_design&event]

It's first image of latest share chair design for
Tokyo Designer's Week 2007.

This year's is stool type.
The design have a lot of the problems yet,
and now changing earnestly to solve that.
No trouble, No life :-)

Tokyo Designer's Week ZERO exhibition


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Round shaped share chair [*my_design&event]

I started to make this year's my chair.
And I tryed to design have an elegant round shaped one.
But the elegance was incompatible with my gimmick.
At last, it became a flop...

I need my elegance :-P

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This year's share chair images [*my_design&event]

This image was rendered as the final plan.
I printed out 1/1 scale draft by the 3DCG data.
Engineer used the draft as a guide for bending stainless steel pipes.

The animation for explanation about the transformming.
I showed the movie at Tokyo Designer' s Week exhibition ( used PSP ).

And I made such as 5 colours name cards at last.
Last one is not for me but for the factory made the chair.

Many peoples took it and got access the blog. thanks!
Some children took all of the colour's :-)

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