Shibuya Station moving to Underground [*love & life]

Tokyu Toyoko-line terminal at Shibuya station was used for 89 years.
420 thousand passengers/day passed through the station.

March 15, 2013, The Ground Station was replaced to underground one
for connecting another underground line.

I tried to record the the view from the train window, using multi camera :-)
The sight from the elevated line might be not special, It's an everyday affair in Tokyo,
but it provided precious experience for me.
I loved it.

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my room renovation [*love & life]

Tokyo is one of the expensive place. Apartment rooms is so expensive,
but it's cramped and known as rabbit hutch. My room is also small.
So, I ordered renovation of my room for more space and comfort.
At last I got a sufficient room for me ;-)

It's time-lapse movie of the renovation.

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Turning Red Bull F1 at Japanese public way [*love & life]


I think, Red Bull seems to make an effort to allow excite things
to take root in Japanese Society.
For example, Air Race is not famous in Japan,
but they are keeping to cary Air Racer every year,
and make the stripe in Japanese air at their sponsored music event.

In this year, they carried their F1,
and demonstrated at not only the event
but a pubric way for Japanese Eathquake Disaster Charity.

I surprised that GoPro HD shop-bought camera was put on F1
as the on-board camera :-)


This week is very important for Red Bull Racing between Monaco and Canada Gp,
But Buemi showed us his genuine hospitality
with highly safety conscience by his driving.

I paid a donation again, and got a can of Red Bull to pay my respect.

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Animated sendai map before the quake and the after. [*love & life]

NASA released their satellite view of Sendai,
and I made the Animation for the comparison.

This Image was captured at February 26, 2011 and March 12, 2011.
You see the devastating grand erosion by the quake and tsunami.

Now Rescue teams is coming from around the world,
and a lot of the victims are taking off by them from the new gulf.


Flooding from Tsunami near Sendai, Japan : NASA

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Solar Eclipse Animated. [*love & life]

Moving Moon's shadow taken from "Himawari" weather satellite, Today.


Japan Meteorological Agency
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Bye, The future [*love & life]

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke was died at yesterday.


Our real may looks so fake for The 60's people,
And His written future was the real.

wikipedia : Arthur C. Clarke

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Geta Smith [*love & life]

When my working time, I'm wearing my Geta,
woody belt sandal, for this ten years.
But the belt ( called Hanao ) was in rags by the daily usage.
I tryed to find "Geta Smith" to repair it.

Long time ago, more shoe shop had hte Hanao repair service.
But today, we don't have enough opportunities to wear a Kimono with Geta,
and such as shop was decreased by the changing our lifestyle.
I wish more peoples use Geta more casually.

Fortunately,there was earlier generations shoe shop in my town,
and I could order to repair it.

I can keep to wear the Geta for ten more years.

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Norick gone to Heaven [*love & life]

Norifumi "Norick" Abe, Former MotoGP racer was died at public road, not in a circuit.

A motorcycle race is not popular in Japan.
Japanese racers is famous in Europe more than in Japan,
And most of Japanese don't know Japanese Racers compete for
the championship in MotoGP,
250cc and 125cc class World Championship.

But Norick made an effort to proceeded the poularity
between his circuit actibity time.


but I couldn't believe that. I believed He'd back to MotoGP again.

wikipedia: Norifumi Abe

his official page

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JUST DO IT. [*love & life]

Last week, I went to see the skate boad park in Yoyogi Park.

The park was sponcered by NIKE and kept for the week only.

After that, I went to laten music event in the valley of Roppongi hills

Salsa dance workshop was helded in the program.
Lot of the peoples enjoyed the dance freely!

It's very important that a company make a space for such as minor cultures.

If you want to keep a skateboarding in Tokyo,
it's not a easy way.

Tokyo is not a small city, but too many inhabitants in there.
And peoples keep their entitlement each other.

You may make agreements and rules for your skating.
But many peoples hate the such as new or minor culture.
And a few peoples deny it.

Many of the new ideas and interest things was
born in such as minor culture,
and every people received the benefit indirectly.
But sometime, new rule deprive a free space, and kill the culture.

No rule is very important as a rule.



JUST DO IT. Tokyo park

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the spring has gone. [*love & life]

but summer is coming!

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Tokyo Midtown Opening [*love & life]

Last Week, Tokyo Midtown was Opened.
and 3 big project in roppongi was completed.
( Roppongi Hills, THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, and Midtown )

"Big Canopy": big structure over the gate.

Pool in the park " Hinoki-cho park " behind the buildings.
In the past, there was a pond and we could fishing at there.
but now there is not a living thing.
when spring will come, frogs may come.

Tokyo Tower from the park.
we had never seen the view from the park, but now we can! :-)

Tokyo Midtown

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maeda dies in Manx TT [*love & life]

Jun Maeda is only the professional Japanese rider for a street race.
But he got injuries at most historical and dengerous street race, Manx TT,
and he dies today.

He sent us not only his result but the atmosphere.
We know he loved the great race.
RIP. :'-)

TT News

his pictures at Isle of Man Guide page

Maeda's blog page( Japanese page )

interview at BRITISH COUNCIL( Japanese page )

Maeda talked about Manx TT Video Game( Japanese page )

フラレ番長。 [*love & life]



テキスト王: さっか道



赤の広場でおしゃれ手帖。 [*love & life]




初夏のひまわり [*love & life]