LOMO like pictures by iPhone 4 [*my_design&event]

I tried to make DOF(depth of field) Adapter and put iPhone 4 on it
to defocus background images.

DOF Filter is darker filter and It can't use for a sensitive camera.
But iPhone 4 have backside illumination sensor,
it's very tough for such as the darker conditions.


And I could take LOMO like old cinema image by iPhone 4.


The Movie is here.

Today, We have DSLR Camera Movie and we can get
high quality image with less effort. I couldn't find
any of the reason to use iPhone 4 on DOF Adapter ;-)

I found that iPhone's Retina Display is best Electronic View Finder
to adjust Manual Focus, I have ever seen!
I need manual focus function on iPhone 4.

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$50 cheapest 'Pad' [*gadgets]

Recently, My friends get some tablet devices, foo-Pad and bar-ndle :-)
But I got cheapest electric pad, Bookie Board.

The Simply Device allow Writing,


and Deleting.


That's it.

The device looks no Digital Circuit, and the (Analog) resolution is very high.
And it keep the writing with no electricity.
I like the simplest tablet.

Boogie Board


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sakura DSLR movie [*my_pictures]

In this spring, I got new DSLR camera allow video capture, at last.
it's available Manual video capturing in inexpensive price range.

In the season, you see beautiful Sakura in Japan.
and I tried some capturing test.

#1 Dark Place

In DSLR movie, available in dark place.
But not too sure. I see some noises in the movie.

And I need to care not to jiggle my hand in
such as the macro movie.

#2 Take movie on motor bike

I rode my Ducati bike for the movie capturing. But Ducati is worst bike for that.
The heavy vibration is characteristics of the feeling while riding :-)

I want to ride BMW's with flat-twin boxer engine.
It's powerful engine with low-vibration.

#3 360 degrees capturing

In this movie, I used still image captured my older camera and Wide fish-eye converter.
I want to use new camera with better lens for more resolution and frame in next time.

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Structural 3DCG Animation [*my_design&event]

Fractal graphic evokes a fundamental beauty in a natural shapes.
Basically, simply repeated graphics make beautiful geometry.

Context Free is such as the 2D geometric shapes drawing software.
And in 3DCG, try "Structure Synth".

In 3DCG Animation or 4D world,
Quartz composer is one of the best software, I think.

Quartz composer is development tool in Mac OSX User Interface Programming.
But it's often used for Visual making tool for VJ's.

It's very easy to use. The functions is appear visualy in the window.
And patch each function box to make the graphic flows.
You can make interesting 2D/3D Animations only patch it.

If you want to make more complexity animation,
you can use javascript and OpenGL Shading Language(GLSL).

And the Quartz Composer tool is free for Mac OSX User!
If you have OSX Update Disc, Install the Development tools,
and search it in the "Developer" folder.

I made the demo and tutorial movies.

The below link is for a 4DCG animation by Quartz composer.

But I can't understand enough for The 4D world.
The world is a wide place :)

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change your vaio p [*my_pictures]

VAIO P is very small size PC, but it's good for my daily usage.

The screen resolution is incredible high density, I can't see each dot.
And the horizontal resolution is higher than my MacBook Pro.


The aspect ratio is very unique,
I couldn't find good Wallpaper for it yet.

But now, I'm ready to change your VAIO P.
The pictures is suited for VAIO P desktop resolution, 1600 x 768.

Solar Eclipse Animated. [*love & life]

Moving Moon's shadow taken from "Himawari" weather satellite, Today.


Japan Meteorological Agency
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Juri at Odaiba [*my_pictures]

I went to see the real scale GUNDAM with Juri-san :-)


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Large Robotics Art in the wild [*cinema&arts]

Last month, I went to two art events.
One was Theo Jansen Exhibition, another was the parade by La Machine.

Theo Jansen is an artist, who builds Air-powered large animal robots.
He aim to make Keep-alive animals without any of his help at nature location.
And his animals have some functions to gather the wind and walking by the power.

His concept is so Ecological, but his
animals can't move only natural wind yet.
Gathered the wind by a car, used compressed air and many of his animals was
woven plastic tubes. That's depend on fossil fuel.

But I think, the gap between the concept and the reality is one of the attraction. And his animal's moving give us a good opportunity to feel the wonder for real animals and the environment.

La Machine is a street theatre company.
They performed at Japanese public street in Yokohama port area.

They was based Royal de Luxe, giant marionette performing company.
They use very large mechanical animals for their performances.

I feel so strange to the large spider's walking in the familiar sight in Yokohama,
but I could feel deja-vu,too.
The sight was just in the PATLABOR Robot Comic's world I dreamed
when I was highschool student!

Google : Theo jansen

La Machine

Royal de Luxe


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Design for Wedding [*my_design&event]

Last month,My friend gave me a chance to make a sign board for their Wedding Reception.

In those cases, It's often used Calligraphy hand writting
or such as the hand made art.

I thought the couple (especially, the groom) had
a well balanced life. And they'll grow up with a lot of the trying.
I used algorithmic generated CG by "Structure Synth" software
to express them.

It's preset data "tree".

Some of the pattern,

and layouted.


Signboard at the Gate

For the entrance,
I putted the wings into acrylic resin box with a lot of the feather.
In my story, the lovely wings was formed by the feathers :-)

Next time, I want to make a funiture with such as the algorithmic generated design.

Structure Synth

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movie with lensbaby [*my_pictures]

I got new "Lensbaby" SLR Camera lens.


Lensbaby's features is here.

- the center is forcused, and peripheral part is off-forcused.
- tilt the lens, and you can choose forcused point in your image.

That's used for toy-camera effect image,
miniature faking effect and more unique expression.

The lens is for SLR Camera. But I put it on my Camcorder.
New model "Lensbaby composer", is easier the tilt control than previous product.
And that's controlable when recording a movie.

I made some test movies.
And that's just a test.

juri-san test

buildings test

all the tests

I should be careful not to jiggle my hand, and keep clean the lens and screen enough :-)

Lensbaby movie gallery


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gadget music live [*sounds&dance]

Last sunday, I was on the stage at music event to
played DS-10,SU-10 scratchable small sampler and Electroplankton.
The event was "OTODUST 2", for mobile musical gadget and the music.

The performer played DS-10, TENORI-ON, or such as small electric musical instruments.
Many people showed many precious instruments, Yamaha Miburi, Uda,
Gakken Theremin Premium, HP Speak & Spell, Stylophone...etc.
Not only consumer productive instruments, but own making one.


The movie is the event's digest. Let's see. ( Uploaded by 'NEMO-san. Thank you! )

I haven't play music in public since I was in high school( ! ),
but the other genius performers helped me, and I could enjoy it
with applause ( with no booing :-) from the nice audience.
Thank you!

Uda( musical instrument. not Udder. Japanese )


Miburi ( Japanese )

Miburi ( Google )

Noriko ( the band used such as instruments. Japanese )

Electroplankton (Google)



OTODUST( Japanese )

TENORI-OFF ( poorman's TENORI-ON, But the inventor said the materials was not cheap... )

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SLR Camera makes new Cinema. [*gadgets]

D90 is new middle class Digital SLR Camera from Nikon,
and it's the first SLR to offer movie function.


Most people may not understand the availability.

Why record by Motion-JPEG? ( Can't use MPEG-4? )
Manual Forcus only?
Not Full HD? / Why 24p?

Nikon did by halves?

Most advantage of the movie function on Digital SLR Camera is the large sensor.
The sensor size is same as 35mm professional film camera for a large studio.
We can use the cinema like expression include the ability to use
selective focus effects by depth of field, with cheap cost.
And think the functions for Digital Cinema,

Motion-JPEG: No GOP correlation. That's good for editing.
Manual Forcus: OK, MF is trusty than AF. ( but we need close up focusing mode )
720/24p: 720 is enough for Digital Cinema, and 24p is just flame rate for Motion Pictures.

But there's fatal problem we'd use Multi AE mode constantly
during we use the movie function.
Movie mode don't reflect the choise of the mode dial,
Damn means we couldn't adjust manually :-(
IRIS was fully opened dualing Movie mode.

OK, There is the way we can use IRIS on the Movie mode
when attach a manual rens for the camera. ( ex. Ai Nikkor 35mm F1.4S )
SLR Camera couldn't control such as the rens.
But no way to control the shutter speed and gain, by manual.
The problem stop to use it for Digital Cinema.

Now, D90 movie function isn't enough to use Digital Cinema,
but They opened The Door.
I hope more functions at the firmware upgrade.

...and I NEED the functions for EOS !

Nikon: D-movie

Digital Photography Review: D90 Hands-on

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3min. Cooking with DS-10 [*sounds&dance]

KORG DS-10 is Music Creating Software for Nintendo DS.
This is small and cheap environment for music creation, but

- Legend synthesizer
- Drum Machine
- Roop Music Sequencer

was included in this software.
You can edit your music with keep the playing.

I tryed beatmaking in 3 minutes.

In the past, There's Music creating or remix function on video game console,

- Techno Motor music sequencer
- LuminesII sequencer mode
- Denki Groove Jigoku V edit mode
- Visual Mix Ayumi Hamasaki Dome Tour 2001 for PS2 video mix (!) function

but at last, you get true music creating Instrument in your pocket with fun.

#I only need more sampring function :-)

radiumsoftware: Beatmaking in six minutes

Youtube : KORG DS-10 Official Moves


グルーヴ地獄V エディット機能

Hideki Matsutake Interview #1( Japanese )

Hideki Matsutake Interview #2( Japanese )

Developer Interview #1( Japanese )

Developer Interview #2( Japanese )

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iPhone Geotag Bug [*gadgets]

I added Geotag data ( position data ) to my picture by iPhone GPS function,
but it's buggy and we were at Pacific Ocean :-)



This is the exif data included the picture.

Latitude: N 35° 39.99'
Longitude: W 139° 43.95'
Latitude Reference: N
Longitude Reference: W

Apple got simply mistake east for west.

iPhone not writing Location EXIF correctly?

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iPhone cosplaying! [*my_pictures]

I used the BSD daemon cover to my cell phone, again :-)


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